TAP Steps 21-22

21 – Complete TAP Itinerary Details

The Records Manager continues to update the Adventure on TAP Itinerary Details and keeps the other adult leaders and the unit committee up-to-date with the status of the Adventure plans.

On TAP Itinerary Details, finalize:

  • day by day activities, dates, daily travel details and modes of transportation
  • transportation details-directions, travel contact phone and reservation numbers
  • overnight stops along the way, side trips and tours details and  contact numbers
  • emergency contact numbers

22 – Make  Reservations

Make reservations and obtain confirmation documentation for transportation, destinations, stops along the way (hotels, motels, hostels, tours, campgrounds, parks, schools, churches, etc.)

List all reservations details on TAP Itinerary Details.

Prior to departure, leaders record all the Adventure reservation details on their mobile phones, flash drives or other mobile devices as a quick reference during the Adventure.

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