After the Adventure

49 – Budget Recap

Following the conclusion of the Adventure, the leaders, Records Manager, unit treasurer and committee chair review all Adventure expenses and income receipts and ensure all financial records are entered on the TAP Expense/Income Recordand all bills have been paid. The unit treasurer refunds any left-over funds to the participants. The unit treasurer prepares an Adventure financial report for presentation to the unit committee and parents.

50 – Final Report

The Adventure adults and youth leaders prepare a final report for   presentation to the unit committee and parents. Plan a family presentation to celebrate completion of a successful Adventure. Plan an “open house” after the Adventure and invite potential new youth members to the event. This is a particularly effective recruiting tool for Venturing Crews.

51 – Awards

Email Adventure youth participants links to the BSA awards applications as appropriate to the Adventure:

52 – Post a Review

Email a review of the Adventure including highlights, pictures, concerns and recommendations to the Best Practices web site.