Adventure Selection

What does your unit want to do NEXT? This section provides an overview of the Adventure selection phase. There are 16 steps in this phase, and by the end of this part you will have determined where to go, when to go there, what you would like to do at your Adventure destination at stops along the way and what the costs are.

TAP Step 1:  Website References, Guidelines, and Forms

TAP Step 2:  Leader Training Requirements

TAP Step 3:  Adventure Planning and Support Team

TAP Step 4:  Activities List

TAP Step 5:  When to go

TAP Step 6:  Where to Go

TAP Step 7:  Discuss the Options

TAP Step 8:  Physical Limitations

TAP Step 9:  Coed Considerations  

TAP Step 10:  Travel Options

TAP Step 11:  Reservations  and Permits

TAP Step 12:  Budget and Rough Drafts

TAP Step 13:  Camperships/ Financial Aid

TAP Step 14:  Review the Itinerary, Budget,  Rough Draft  Worksheets

TAP Step 15:  Promotion and Preparation Plan   

TAP Step 16:  Parents’ Meeting