Planning / Details

Once the Adventure has been selected, it’s time to start making detailed plans and preparations. Who is going? Set the dates? Finalize the itinerary. Make reservations. Prepare a budget.  Determine training and skills the participants will need. Create a preparation timetable with dates for participants meetings, parents’ meetings, skills development sessions, fee payments, training dates, conditioning and shakedown meetings and deadlines for submitting various forms,  permission slips, etc. There are many details to be finalized and it is absolutely essential to keep everyone informed.

TAP Step 17:  Leaders’ Guides & Destination Websites

TAP Step 18:  Obtain Participant Commitments    

TAP Step 19:  Prepare the  Adventure Planning Timetable

TAP Step 20:  Adventure Records Manager: Participant Records

TAP Step 21:  Complete  Itinerary Worksheet 

TAP Step 22:  Make  Reservations  

TAP Step 23:   Adventure Crew Organization

TAP Step 24:  Duty Roster

TAP Step 25:  Maps

TAP Step 26:  Prepare Detailed Budget    

TAP Step 27:  Adventure  Expense, Income, and Fees

TAP Step 28:  Insurance

TAP Step 29:  Training

TAP Step 30:  Physical Conditioning

TAP Step 31:  Skills Practice

TAP Step 32:  Health and Safety

TAP Step 33:  Private Vehicles  

TAP Step 34:  Health Forms

TAP Step 35:  Emergency Preparedness

TAP Step 36:  Emergency Phone  Numbers

TAP Step 37:  Injuries During the Adventure

TAP Step 38:  Mobile Phone APPs

TAP Step 39:  Crew  Equipment

TAP Step 40:  Equipment Purchases and Rentals

TAP Step 41:  Individual Equipment

TAP Step 42:  Prepare Menus

TAP Step 43:  Shakedown 

TAP Step 44:  Cash Advances

TAP Step 45:  Reconfirm all Reservations