TAP Steps 23-25

23 – Adventure Crew Organization

Distribute TAP Crew Organization reference to each Adventure participant.

The Adventure Records Manager and the adult leaders review the adult and youth information on the TAP Participant Details form and the leaders and Records Manager divide the participants into crews.

The Records Manager adjusts the TAP Participants Details form to reflect the crew assignments, and emails the adjusted TAP Participants Details form to all the Adventure participants.

Include crew dynamics on the agenda for an Adventure training meeting.

Crews select leaders and make other crew leadership assignments as needed.

24 – Duty Roster

Include duty roster preparation on the agenda for an Adventure training meeting.

Using the TAP Menu Plans as a guide, crew leaders download TAP Duty Roster form and prepare duty roster assignments for each meal to be prepared by the crews during the Adventure.  Crew leaders review the duty roster assignments with crew members at a training meeting and email each crew member a copy of  the duty roster.

The Records Manager adds the duty roster assignments to the TAP Participant Details form.

25 – Maps

Obtain and  prepare maps as needed.

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