TAP Steps 2-3

2 – Leader Training Requirements

Relevant to the Adventure, adult leaders should become acquainted with the training requirements for outdoor Adventures that are listed in TAP Step 29.

3 – Adventure Planning and Support Team

Planning and executing an Adventure is a team effort, and this step involves the formation of a unit  Adventure planning and support team.

Unit committee chair and the unit leader email the unit committee members, adult leaders, and youth announcing the formation of an Adventure planning & support team.

As a prerequisite to beginning the Adventure planning process the Unit Committee and adult leaders discuss Adventure options including  adult leaders availability, financial implications and resource limitations to  ensure  the unit has sufficient resources to undertake an  Adventure.

The unit committee ensures there are sufficient adult leaders committed to the Adventure to form a safe, capable and  trained leadership team.

One of the Adult Leaders participating on the Adventure accepts the assignment as Records Manager.