TAP Steps 29-31

29 – Training

Identify which training is required for the Adventure:

Determine which adult leaders will complete training as prerequisite to the Adventure, and establish deadlines.

Cover the following group training subjects during the monthly planning meetings:

Additional group training subjects to cover during the monthly planning meetings as appropriate for the Adventure:

  • Fire Safety
  • Bike Safety (if biking activities are included in the Adventure)
  • Chemical Fuels and Equipment Policy (if backpacking stoves and  lanterns are to be used during the the Adventure)
  • safety around plants and animals, including training on how to avoid  bears
  • KODIAK course for Venturers
  • additional subjects based on the Adventure

30 – Conditioning

  • Leaders review the TAP Conditioning Plan and, as appropriate, the conditioning sections in BSA Fieldbook and Sea Scout Manual, and prepare a conditioning program appropriate for the Adventure.
  • The Records Manager records attendance at all training sessions on TAP Participant Details.
  • Leaders carefully monitor each adult and youth participant’s  physical conditioning progress.

31 – Skills Practice

  • Leaders research skills appropriate to the Adventure in the BSA reference books including the BSA Field Book and the Sea Scout Manual and schedule skills orientation sessions during the monthly training meetings.
  • The Records Manager records participant attendance at all skill training sessions on the TAP Participant Details.
  • Leaders carefully monitor each adult and youth participant’s skills training.

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