TAP Steps 12-14

12 – Budget and Rough Drafts

Refer to TAP Budget Planning Guide for items to consider when planning your Adventure Budget. Prepare and save a separate TAP Budget Planning Worksheet rough draft for each Adventure option under consideration.

Estimate the approximate costs of each Adventure option under consideration. Consider approximate transportation, lodging, food, equipment, final destination and other costs for each Adventure.

Use the rough draft expense and income estimates to determine the approximate adult and youth participant fees.

13 – Camperships/ Financial Aid

Adult leaders and unit committee discuss camperships, financial aid  and other fund raising options to assist youth who may not have sufficient funds to cover the full cost of the Adventure.

The unit committee establishes a campership/ financial aid policy and includes this policy as an item for discussion at the parents’ meeting.

14 – Review the Itinerary, Budget, and Rough Draft  Worksheets

Unit leaders and unit committee planning team review TAP Itinerary Details and TAP Budget Planning Worksheets for each Adventure option under consideration.

Make adjustments and narrow the list of options to a few choices the leadership team feels are within the resources of the unit.

Distribute copies of the recommended choices to all unit youth, parents and adults so they may review the Adventure options in detail prior to the parents’ meeting.

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