TAP Steps 15-16

15 – Adventure Selection and Promotion Plan

Using the TAP Itinerary Details and TAP Budget Planning Worksheets for each Adventure option under consideration as guides, the unit Adventure Planning Group which consists of, unit committee members, unit leaders, youth leaders and interested parents meets to discuss each Adventure option under consideration.  Subjects to consider include:

  • estimated departure and return dates
  • travel details
  • inclusion of participants’ religious obligations in the itinerary
  • Arrival and departure dates at the final destination and destination reservations details (if applicable)
  • training requirements
  • required forms and submission deadlines
  • dates for unit skills development, training events, and conditioning events
  • dates for parents meetings
  • shakedown dates to verify each participant has required gear
  • budget estimates, fee payment schedules and deadlines

After discussing the proposed itineraries and budget planning worksheets for each Adventure option under consideration, the Adventure Planning Group makes its decision and chooses the Adventure.

After choosing the Adventure, the Planning Group prepares an Adventure promotion plan using the TAP Promotion Plan as a guide and distributes the plan to the unit membership and other potential participants as determined by the Planning Group.

16 – Parents’ Meeting

Schedule a youth, leaders, unit committee members, and parents’ meeting as soon as possible after the Adventure has been chosen; email the meeting details to the  unit membership . Use the TAP Suggested Parents’ Meeting Agenda reference as a guide. If the Adventure includes Venturers, assume some Venturers may join Venturing Crews while away at college and their parents may be unable to attend parents’ meetings. Leaders should review other means of keeping Venturers’ parents informed such as telephone, teleconferences, webinars, email etc.

Distribute the Activity Consent Form and Approval By Parents or Legal Guardian form to parents of all youth interested in attending the Adventure.

Establish deadline for parents to return the form.

Distribute Transportation, and The Risk Zone, to all parents.

Discussion topics should also cover the possibility of any parent wishing to travel separately with their child, and arriving at the destination earlier or staying later with their child in order to visit neighboring attractions etc.  Be sure that the family and the Unit leaders have clear understanding of unique plans, including appropriate contact information.

Announce dates of future parents’ meetings.

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