5 – When to go (time of year)

When does  your unit want to go? When to go also involves weather/seasonal considerations for the chosen activities. For example, river rafting  should be done when the river is sufficiently high to support rafting.

What are the time periods adult leaders and youth will be available?

6 – Where to go

Check out these BSA websites:

Additional  “Where to go”  websites include:

Additional Location Sources

  • State/County/ Local parks, Discovery  Parks
  • Local Council  Order of the Arrow Lodge Where to go Camping    recommendations

Whenever possible start  planning  your Adventure  at least a year in advance.

Plans for any Adventure are not the sole responsibility of the unit leaders. They are the result of youth members and adults thinking together. Some ideas will be good, others farfetched and inappropriate or cost prohibitive. Here, the unit leaders can bring their judgment to bear to ensure the plans are practical and within the limits of the group.

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