TAP Steps 35-38

35 – Emergency Preparedness

Leaders review the TAP Emergency Preparation Plan and make adjustments for unexpected problems during the Adventure.

Distribute copies of the TAP Emergency Preparation Plan for all Leaders to carry during the Adventure.

Thoroughly review the TAP Emergency Preparation Plan with all participants at a monthly planning meeting.

36 – Emergency Phone  Numbers

Research law enforcement and medical emergency numbers and other jurisdictions, as appropriate, through which the unit will pass during the Adventure and add the emergency contact information to the TAP Itinerary Details .

37 – Injuries during the Adventure

Leaders download the BSA Incident Information Report and carry hard copies during the Adventure. If an injury occurs, it’s important to fill out the form as soon as possible.

38 – Mobile Phone APPs

In addition to emergency phone numbers (See Step, 36, above) Leaders  research mobile phone APPs and websites that might be helpful during the Adventure.

Leaders load emergency phone numbers, APPs  and website addresses  on their mobile phones

Possible APPs include:

  • Pocket first aid, CPR & Triage
  • Maps
  • Transportation carriers’ websites (if air, bus, train or boat travel is involved)
  • Weather

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