TAP Steps 32-34

32 – Health and Safety

Leaders review Scouting Safety Begins With Leadership Video.   

Leaders also review appropriate health and safety sections in the Cub Scout Leader Guide, BSA Fieldbook and  Sea Scout Manual as they apply to the Adventure.

List safety concerns associated with the Adventure and include Adventure safety on agendas for monthly training  meetings.

33 – Private Vehicles

Refer to the following:

If traveling out of state, the Records Manager emails links to each state’s traffic laws.

The Records Manager instructs all drivers to refer to TAP Step 33.

Leaders establish due dates for all drivers to provide documentation that they carry the minimum insurance required. 

Unit leaders meet with all drivers of private vehicles on the Adventure to  make certain they fully understand BSA private vehicle and insurance policies.

Recommend all drivers have a vehicle service check before leaving.

The Records Manager adds documentation required for private vehicle drivers to the TAP Itinerary Details and records dates documentation is submitted.

34 – Participant Records and Other Documents

The Records Manager emails health forms to all participants and establishes deadlines when completed forms must be returned to the unit.

NOTE: Leaders must carry a hard  copy of each participant’s medical records on  the Adventure. If the final destination is a BSA resident camp or BSA high adventure base the medical form hard copies will be turned in upon arrival. Collect the medical form hard copies when leaving the BSA facility upon conclusion of the Adventure.

Drivers of any private vehicles used on the Adventure must carry hard copies of the health records for all passengers in their vehicles.

NOTE: Parents/Guardians must provide in writing to the Adventure Adult Leaders complete instructions pertaining to medication for their child, including dosage and when the medicine is to be dispensed.

Adult leaders must review medical forms and be aware of the medical needs of all Adventure participants such as possible needs for EpiPens, inhalers, etc.

Participants with prescription medications must provide leaders with copies of the prescriptions, in case the medications are lost during the Adventure.

Leaders review all details pertaining to any participant’s prescription medications including storage and dosage schedule.

The Records Manager enters medical information on TAP Participant Details.

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