TAP Steps 7-9

7 – Discuss the Options

For each Adventure option under consideration, review:

  • applicable websites
  • reservation details
  • age limitations
  • fees
  • travel requirement
  • time-of-year options
  • required levels of skill for youth and adults
  • requirements and restrictions according to local Council,  State, and Federal policies relating to group size
  • youth to adult responsibility ratios

Download, complete and save a separate TAP Itinerary Details for each Adventure option under consideration. Include rough estimates for the following:

  • estimated departure and return dates from point of origin
  • arrival and departure dates at final destination
  • travel and transportation details
  • costs
  • opportunities for side trips, stops, and tours along the way, including dates, where, how long and available activities
  • hunting season dates, for all areas through which the Adventure participants will hike.

8 – Physical limitations

Review documentation for each Adventure option to determine if physical limitations of participants need to be taken into account, and adjust Adventure plans accordingly. BSA Health Form

9 – Coed considerations

Leaders review Coed Overnight Outing and Privacy on Outings  sections in Youth Protection and Youth Protection and Adult Leadership and adjust Adventure plans accordingly.

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