TAP Step 20

20 – Adventure Records Manager: Participant Records

On TAP Participant Details, the Records Manager enters participant contact information, organized as follows:

  • adult leaders
  • youth participants
  • drivers of  private vehicles
  • other adults attending Adventure
  • parents/guardians and unit committee leadership
  • select members of the unit committee (Committee Chair,  Treasurer, Unit Outings Coordinator, etc.)

Include the following on the roster:

  • youth and adult participant names, addresses, phone  numbers, email address
  • youth and adult medical restrictions, dietary limitations, food allergies and medications including dosage and frequency

On Sheet 2,  the Records Manager lists all participant preparation details, deadlines, and records completion dates including:

  • gender, age
  • fee payments
  • permission slips
  • passports (if required)
  • health forms completed
  • attendance at parents and other preparation meetings
  • participation in required training sessions, shakedowns, conditioning sessions, etc.

The Records Manager continually updates the TAP Participant Details as information is added or deleted.

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