TAP STEP 10-11

10 – Travel Options

Refer to: Transportation PolicyThe  Drivers Pledge and Transporting Scouts Safely

List on TAP Itinerary Details transportation options for each Adventure under consideration. Some transportation choices include:

  • private vehicle(s) including rental vehicles
  • taxi or shuttle
  • public bus,(bus line or chartered bus)
  • light rail, subways
  • transcontinental/regional rail (train)
  • water ways, ferries (various water craft)
  • airlines

When considering transportation costs include:

  • fuel costs
  • parking fees
  • tolls
  • baggage fees
  • contingency funds for possible vehicle repairs  including tires, belts, hoses etc.
  • unit equipment trailer security/roadability
  • rental fees
  • insurance

11 – Reservations and Permits

For each Adventure option under consideration, list on a separate TAP Itinerary Details worksheet:

  • advance reservation requirements
  • stops along-the- way
  • side trips
  • tours
  • final destination

Determine what permits may be required such as parking, fire permits, fishing licenses and other permits or licenses as may be required by state and local laws,  etc.

If you are planning a backcountry trekreview the hunting season dates for all areas through which the Adventure participants will hike.

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